Friday, March 20, 2009

Another "little gem"....

"The Edge of Town"
5" x 7" Acrylic on Linen
Occasionally, I play around with acrylics...sometimes with good results...sometimes not. Today's project turned out pretty good.  I'm using the new "Chroma" acrylics that don't dry quite as fast, allowing more time to blend values and colors.  I have several linen panels that I received as a prize in an exhibition last summer, so I decided to test one of them out.  Working with acrylic is somewhat "backward" from the watercolor process: Watercolor dries about three shades (values) lighter...and acrylic dries about 3 shades (values) darker.  When I'm crossing over from one medium to the other, it takes me a little while to adjust.  This little acrylic painting took me 3 times longer than normal to complete because I couldn't get the "lights" light enough.  I had to keep going back and reworking the highlighted areas, and softening (greying) the background to make it recede. I think it turned out alright.  While I've got my brain tuned into the "acrylic mode", I'll get another one going in the next day or so.  

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