Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"Cool Shadows" Wins Peoples' Choice in Kerrville, TX

This past weekend, I participated in the Kerrville Outdoor Painters' Event in Kerrville, Texas.  In the 2-1/2 days on location,  I managed to complete 4 paintings.  We were allowed to submit 3 to the exhibit judged by nationally known Albert Handell.  Included in my 3 paintings was my Quick Draw painting - which won the Peoples' Choice award.
"Cool Shadows" - 9x12 Watercolor - SOLD
Winner:  Peoples' Choice Award
The Barn - Kerrville Hills Winery
9x12 Watercolor
The Well House - Kerrville Hills Winery
9x12 Watercolor
The painting, "Cool Shadows" sold at the evening reception Saturday night.  The other 2 might still available - the exhibit will continue until November 3rd.  This event was a "1st Annual" and it was evident that the organizers definitely did their homework on how to host an outdoor painting event.  From the moment of check in on Thursday until the final hour of the Saturday night awards presentation, the event was staffed with helpful and knowledgeable people.  I definitely will add this paint out to my calendar for next year.