Sunday, June 27, 2010

Two New Oil Miniatures

Yesterday was a fun studio day for me.  When I haven’t painted for a couple of days, I usually begin my studio session with some quick watercolor sketches just to get loosened up. I opted to warm up with some color studies in oil and ended up with 2 rather nice little 5 x 7’s:


                              Morning In The Valley” 5x7 Oil


                                 “Changing Seasons” 5x7 Oil

I’m going to brave the heat this afternoon and paint in my back yard…the light filters in through 100 year old Pecan trees onto a lovely “natural” area with subtle value shifts of various greens and an occasional red/pink blooms mixed in.  Since I already have a batch of oil colors squeezed out, I’ll see what I can accomplish with them.  I may or may not post the result……stay tuned :-)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

“LAST LIGHT” by Tina Bohlman


“Last Light” –10x20 Oil 

It’s been too hot to paint on location – even early in the morning, the temperature is in the high 80’s so 3 days ago, I went through my sketchbooks looking for inspiration. Using a little 2”x3” watercolor of rocks for reference, “Last Light” has most of the elements to hold your interest; light against dark, warm vs. cool, hard angles, soft curves & lost edges.  Even the background is mysterious.  This scene could be anywhere; on the beach, in a forest, the mountains or the desert…it takes you wherever your imagination wants to go.  Available for purchase – email: for price & framing options.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Work – 209 North Grand, Waxahachie

I’ve been practically chained to my studio easel for the past week, working on a “home portrait” commission.  This “Grande Dame” is one of dozens of  historical homes in Waxahachie.  The owner purchased the home only recently and plans to begin a complete restoration in the coming year.

Thumbnail-on location & prelim. enlarged studio sketch On location thumbnail & detail sketches

I began with several on on location sketching sessions.  Above and below are sketches and preliminary color study completed on location.

This was a particularly difficult project in that the home sits on a huge lot with giant 100 year old trees all around it. The grounds haven’t been landscaped in perhaps 25 years…a lot of shrubs & bushes have grown too big.  The house is in need of a lot of repair and a good coat of paint, so part of my job was to visualize what it will look like when the owner finishes the restoration later on this year. The entire 2nd story and most of the roof aren’t visible from the street….which was the best vantage point for painting.  I had to stand up close to the front of the house, and look straight up to see how the roof, turret, and porch came together.   I snapped about 20 digital “close up, detail” images and combined with my sketches, I was able to get a drawing completed.  I trimmed bushes, cut down and relocated several trees…resulting in a much better composition. I included a couple of the owner’s personal yard decorations…the flag in the flower garden and 2 lawn chairs to finish it off.  I like the way it turned out – it’s been a good week in the studio!

A. JACKSON- 209 N. GRAND      “209 North Grand Avenue, Waxahachie” – 16 x 20 Watercolor

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Waxahachie Quick Draw -You Tube Video

This is a video an artist friend, Randy Saffle, made of the Paint Historic Waxahachie Quick Draw that took place on the historic downtown courthouse square last week.  This is the 5th annual paint out and I've always been busy with the "details" of producing the well as being a painter participant.  This is the first time I've been able to "watch" the Quick Draw from a spectator's view.  AWESOME! 

Paint Historic Waxahachie – Day 9

Even though the “competition” is over, there’s still time to do another painting.    The paint out exhibition site is inside the historic Chautauqua Auditorium located in our city park. Also happening on this weekend in the park is an Arts & Crafts festival with artist’s tents set among the huge 100+ year old pecan & oak trees…it was a painting waiting to happen!ARTS & CRAFTS- CHAUTAUQUA VIEW    “Arts & Crafts-Chautauqua View” - 12”x16” – Watercolor

AND…..I’m so excited to be one of the winners announced last night at the BBQ buffet dinner and awards presentation. (the “formal” announcement is in the blog preceding this one)       I was awarded an Honorable Mention and a Jack Richeson watercolor paint set valued at $100!!! I can definitely use it….I used up a lot of paint in the past 9 days! We had 55 artists registered and painting since May 28; 220 paintings were submitted for judging and for sale. The Exhibition and Wet Paint sale will continue until Sunday afternoon at 4pm. I’ve sold a couple of paintings already and am hopeful that I’ll send another one or two home with someone tomorrow.  It’s been a long week, but what a wonderful time;  painting….painting….painting!

I love my job.

Paint Historic Waxahachie – Awards

Last night, artists, volunteers, friends and patrons of Paint Historic Waxahachie gathered for a BBQ buffet dinner and the awards presentation.  Juror Kaye Franklin and Ellis County Art Association extend Congratulations to the following 2010 winners:

$500 -BEST IN SHOWDavid Tripp

$400 -1st PLACE: Ted Clemens

$300 -2nd PLACE: DeBob Jacob

$250 -3rd PLACE: Nel Dorn Byrd

Honorable Mention: (Merchandise or Gift Certificates)

  • $110 Plein Air Unbrella- Best Brella

                Linda  Schindler

  • (3) $100 Yarka Watercolor Sets -  Jack Richeson:

             Chris Toplyn *Tina Bohlman * Kent Brewer

  • $72 Acrylic Paint Set - Liquitex: 

              Gaylord O’Con

  • $70 Linen Panels  ProPanels

             Cecilia Robertson

  • $50 Gift Certificate Dick Blick

              Priscilla Krejci

  • $35 Gift Certificate Cheap Joe’s :

               Steve Miller

  • $25 Wet Panel Carriers Art Cocoon:   

              Bob Voges

  • (2) $25 Gift Certificate Sun Eden

              Pete Quaid  * William Larson

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Paint Historic Waxahachie – day 7

Today was overcast and much cooler! Another artist and I painted hay bales this afternoon.  This is a farm located within the city limits on the edge of a historical residential district on West Jefferson street.  I’m not sure how many acres, but it has to be at least a hundred. HAY!!! The majestic oak & pecan trees in the midst of  mowed grass  & baled hay was irresistible…I had to paint it.


11 x 14 Watercolor


Tomorrow paintings will go on display for our judge, Ms. Kaye Franklin. She will have work to do, there are some mighty fine paintings waiting for her. It won’t be easy….selecting Best in Show, 1st, 2nd, 3rd place cash awards and 10 honorable mention merchandise awards.   We don’t have a total count on paintings yet – deadline is 2pm tomorrow afternoon, but as of today, more than 100 have been submitted.  Winners will be announced at a BBQ buffet supper & preview for artists, event volunteers, sponsors & patrons. I’ll post the winners tomorrow night.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Paint Historic Waxahachie….day 6

What a week! Here’s 3 more…an oil painted yesterday and today’s paintings…1 watercolor and another oil. Both  “At Peace” and “Journey’s End”were painted in our City Cemetery – it’s a lovely location with quiet and shade and a soft breeze. The temperature is getting close to 100 in the afternoon so the best place to paint is away from concrete, blacktop & automobiles. The Watercolor “Corner of Main & Kaufman” is an old turn-of the-century Victorian at the end of my street.  I pass by it at least twice every day and finally decided I should paint it. I don’t know if I’ll be able to paint tomorrow…it’s time to begin setting up the exhibition area for this weekend’s show & sale.  Maybe I can get one done in the morning….early while it’s still a “cool 85”…


“At Peace” 9x12 Oil


“Corner of Main & Kaufman” 11x14 Watercolor – I haven’t downloaded from my digital camera yet – this was taken with my phone camera.


“Journey’s End” – 6x8 Oil – I’ll take a better photo tomorrow when I take it out of the easel & the paint’s a little dryer.