Sunday, June 27, 2010

Two New Oil Miniatures

Yesterday was a fun studio day for me.  When I haven’t painted for a couple of days, I usually begin my studio session with some quick watercolor sketches just to get loosened up. I opted to warm up with some color studies in oil and ended up with 2 rather nice little 5 x 7’s:


                              Morning In The Valley” 5x7 Oil


                                 “Changing Seasons” 5x7 Oil

I’m going to brave the heat this afternoon and paint in my back yard…the light filters in through 100 year old Pecan trees onto a lovely “natural” area with subtle value shifts of various greens and an occasional red/pink blooms mixed in.  Since I already have a batch of oil colors squeezed out, I’ll see what I can accomplish with them.  I may or may not post the result……stay tuned :-)

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AK said...

Tina , your paintings are fabulous. really inspiring to know that you are self taught. Keep posting.