Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Terrell Texas Paint Out – Day 4 & 5 - “Carriage House” wins 2nd Place honors!

FIRST METHODIST - On LocationTerrell, TXThis was the last day to paint; submission deadline 4pm!  Arriving in Terrell about 9am, I drove straight to a location “scouted” earlier in the week – the First Methodist Church. The light was perfect not only for excellent contrast on the bell tower, but the path of the sun (for a rare stroke of luck) worked in my favor as well. I completed the painting in about 2-1/2 hours.  FIRST METHODIST-Terrell, TX

First Methodist Church - 11 x 14  Watercolor

I packed up my gear about noon and after a light lunch, I moved on to my afternoon project….Miss Peggy’s on Griffith Street.  The sun was about 2 O’clock high and in perfect position! This painting went a little quicker than the church – a whole lot less angles and simple clean lines – loved the “gnarly” old tree…it added a lot of character as well as providing some great shadow contrasts.

MISS PEGGY'S-on location-terrell







Almost done, just a couple more strokes, dropped in a little “bounced light” under the eave…..done!  About 4:30, I loaded up my gear then visited Miss Peggy to thank her for her hospitality. What a lovely lady…and a very good artist, I might add!

MISS PEGGY'S GARAGE-terrell, tx 3-26-10 

“Miss Peggy’s Garages” – 9x12 Watercolor

I missed the 4pm deadline to enter “Miss Peggy’s Garages” – kinda got caught up in the moment…but as it turned out, it would have never made it into the show anyway – Miss Peggy’s Niece was visiting at the time and purchased the painting on the spot. I love it when that happens!

I submitted  “First Methodist Church”, “Episcopal Church” , “Buford Drugs” and “Carriage House” into the paint out competition. 

The  awards and reception Saturday afternoon was great fun and well attended by a very appreciative group of local art patrons. My painting “Carriage House” won 2nd Place honors!  (See my post for Day 2).  Three of my paintings sold except the “Episcopal Church”….which was ok with me….it was kinda my favorite anyway :-)

All in all, last week was a great week for plein air– I think I’ve mentioned this before….. I love my job!  

Thursday, March 25, 2010

TERRELL, TX Paint Out – Day 3

Woke up to a windy & cloudy, cold morning, but I went to Terrell anyway…determined to paint.  I found several locations that would make a good painting, but I couldn’t get out of the cold wind.  I don’t mind the wind; I’m used to painting in the Texas 20 mph breezes, but what I DO mind is a COLD wind.  These old bones just can’t handle it any more.  Call me stubborn, but I finally decided to set up my gear & paint from inside the SUV - got a good parking place downtown on the corner of Moore & Frances.  Here’s the result…I think it turned out pretty good.BUFORD DRUGS Terrell, TX                                  “Buford Drugs” 11x14 Watercolor

Moore & Frances - Terrell, Texas

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Paint Out in Terrell, Texas – Day 2

Today was another “bluebird day” – sunshine, 75 and only a little more wind. I went back to the historic home on 1st street and decided to paint the carriage house.  The shadows cast from the trees created plenty of contrast across the roof and the lawn.CARRIAGE HOUSE sketch

The sketch – even though I have my ‘Best Brella’ clamped on my easel,  the sun was already creeping onto my paper.  In the course of the 2-1/2 hour painting session, I had to adjust the umbrella 3 times.  I’m painting on 140# Arches cold press that has been glued to a  masonite board. My paints are Daniel Smith.

CARRIAGE HOUSE-ON LOCATION TERRELL I’m almost done here – just need to add another layer to deepen the shadows and add more foliage to the big tree behind the carriage house. This photo doesn’t show the huge tree very well, but it’s at least 4 stories tall and the new spring yellow-ish green leaves were absolutely glowing in the bright sunshine.  As you can see, I did some “pruning” of  several shrubs and completely eliminated one.   All Done! Another great day at “work” – As I’ve said many times…..I love my job!!!!

 CARRIAGE HOUSE on 1st street-Terrell 

“CARRIAGE HOUSE” - 11 x 14 Watercolor                                                   Paint Historic Terrell - Terrell, Texas

Monday, March 22, 2010

Paint out in Terrell, Texas

Today was what I call a “bluebird day” – birds were singing, sun was shining, 70 degrees – no wind.  I arrived in Terrell about 10:30 AM. There’s an old historic house on First Street that I attempted to paint this morning – it just wouldn’t come together for me .  I decided to pack up and look for another location.

About 2:00 PM I found this church on Frances Street. Episcopal Church-initial sketch-Terrell

The Sketch……..

Episcopal Church-on locationTerrell

The location….sure wish that truck would move….

Episcopal Church-Terrell 9 x 12 Watercolor

Other than straightening up a couple of vertical lines, I’m pretty well done here.  Just need to sign it and pop it into a frame.

Going back tomorrow and make another try on the old house on First Street.  There’s a carriage house and servant’s quarters on the property – very quaint, nice subject matter. I’ll see if I can do better from a different angle. Stay tuned!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Today, I finished the little pepper painting I started last Saturday.  I photographed my progress – with  the last photo showing the completed painting. HOT1I’m about half-way through this pepper painting. All the under-painting is complete  and I’ve “lifted” highlights.

HOT2In this photo, you can see that I’ve deepened the shadow side of the green pepper, added a red “spot” on it for reflected light bouncing off the red pepper in front.  I also “raised the temperature” of the red pepper.

 HOT3 In the above  photo, the foreground is painted and reflections are added, wet-into-wet. 

Below is the finished painting. The “mingled” blue-green background was painted wet-into-wet, and I re-worked highlights in all the peppers.  In the foreground I “found” some more reflections under the red pepper and washed in more green on the left. On the right, I lightened the value to a “blu-ish” tint.  This is painting is small in size, but I think it’s BIG on impact!


“HOT!”  - 8 x 10 - Watercolor

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I helped "booth sit" at the Lifestyles Expo today.  Ellis County Art Association exhibited as a group at this annual trade show in Waxahachie, TX. Our group was well represented both with a great display of original paintings and several members were on hand to greet the public.  Four of us set up our plein air easels and painted as visitors to the Expo looked over our shoulders.  Today, demonstrating watercolor techniques,  I got into in my "Pepper mode"! I love to paint them, mainly because I get absolutely out of control with red, yellow and green!   
 8 x 10 Color Study - Peppers - Sketchbook #11
Using the above color study out of my "peppers" sketchbook #11, the painting below turned out pretty nice. The background in this photo is purple on the left...and the color on the right is a "tomatoey orange". Painting wet-into-wet, I allow the colors to co-mingle through the center. 
"Peppers Four"
9x12 Watercolor - 140# Arches

"Peppers Four" turned out so well,  I started another pepper painting. This one is in process - you can see the light pencil sketch for the 3rd one in the back.  The red paper is finished...the green one needs a little more yellow-green.  I think the back pepper is going to be orange; haven't decided yet...might end up a warm yellow with a touch of orange. When I paint peppers, I begin with Hansa Yellow, then "charge" the reds & Blues, into the yellow wash while it's still wet.  I work each one separately, wet-into-wet, pushing the color as far as I can without losing the transparency, lifting out highlights as the pepper goes from wet to dry. 
In Process - "Peppers Three"
9" x 12" Watercolor - 140# Arches
I'll decide on the background color after I paint the 3rd pepper.  There isn't much foreground and it will be mostly red reflections, deep shadows and "bounced" light . I'll finish this up and post it tomorrow.
It was a great day for painting...even if it WAS indoors!