Thursday, March 25, 2010

TERRELL, TX Paint Out – Day 3

Woke up to a windy & cloudy, cold morning, but I went to Terrell anyway…determined to paint.  I found several locations that would make a good painting, but I couldn’t get out of the cold wind.  I don’t mind the wind; I’m used to painting in the Texas 20 mph breezes, but what I DO mind is a COLD wind.  These old bones just can’t handle it any more.  Call me stubborn, but I finally decided to set up my gear & paint from inside the SUV - got a good parking place downtown on the corner of Moore & Frances.  Here’s the result…I think it turned out pretty good.BUFORD DRUGS Terrell, TX                                  “Buford Drugs” 11x14 Watercolor

Moore & Frances - Terrell, Texas


Kate said...

Just came over from Jim Klenke's site. Yes, you did a great job on the watercolor!

Lynette said...

I've just come from Jim's Terrell Daily Photo, too. I really enjoyed your Terrell watercolors--the various peppers, too.