Monday, March 8, 2010


Today, I finished the little pepper painting I started last Saturday.  I photographed my progress – with  the last photo showing the completed painting. HOT1I’m about half-way through this pepper painting. All the under-painting is complete  and I’ve “lifted” highlights.

HOT2In this photo, you can see that I’ve deepened the shadow side of the green pepper, added a red “spot” on it for reflected light bouncing off the red pepper in front.  I also “raised the temperature” of the red pepper.

 HOT3 In the above  photo, the foreground is painted and reflections are added, wet-into-wet. 

Below is the finished painting. The “mingled” blue-green background was painted wet-into-wet, and I re-worked highlights in all the peppers.  In the foreground I “found” some more reflections under the red pepper and washed in more green on the left. On the right, I lightened the value to a “blu-ish” tint.  This is painting is small in size, but I think it’s BIG on impact!


“HOT!”  - 8 x 10 - Watercolor

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