Monday, March 22, 2010

Paint out in Terrell, Texas

Today was what I call a “bluebird day” – birds were singing, sun was shining, 70 degrees – no wind.  I arrived in Terrell about 10:30 AM. There’s an old historic house on First Street that I attempted to paint this morning – it just wouldn’t come together for me .  I decided to pack up and look for another location.

About 2:00 PM I found this church on Frances Street. Episcopal Church-initial sketch-Terrell

The Sketch……..

Episcopal Church-on locationTerrell

The location….sure wish that truck would move….

Episcopal Church-Terrell 9 x 12 Watercolor

Other than straightening up a couple of vertical lines, I’m pretty well done here.  Just need to sign it and pop it into a frame.

Going back tomorrow and make another try on the old house on First Street.  There’s a carriage house and servant’s quarters on the property – very quaint, nice subject matter. I’ll see if I can do better from a different angle. Stay tuned!

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