Saturday, March 6, 2010


I helped "booth sit" at the Lifestyles Expo today.  Ellis County Art Association exhibited as a group at this annual trade show in Waxahachie, TX. Our group was well represented both with a great display of original paintings and several members were on hand to greet the public.  Four of us set up our plein air easels and painted as visitors to the Expo looked over our shoulders.  Today, demonstrating watercolor techniques,  I got into in my "Pepper mode"! I love to paint them, mainly because I get absolutely out of control with red, yellow and green!   
 8 x 10 Color Study - Peppers - Sketchbook #11
Using the above color study out of my "peppers" sketchbook #11, the painting below turned out pretty nice. The background in this photo is purple on the left...and the color on the right is a "tomatoey orange". Painting wet-into-wet, I allow the colors to co-mingle through the center. 
"Peppers Four"
9x12 Watercolor - 140# Arches

"Peppers Four" turned out so well,  I started another pepper painting. This one is in process - you can see the light pencil sketch for the 3rd one in the back.  The red paper is finished...the green one needs a little more yellow-green.  I think the back pepper is going to be orange; haven't decided yet...might end up a warm yellow with a touch of orange. When I paint peppers, I begin with Hansa Yellow, then "charge" the reds & Blues, into the yellow wash while it's still wet.  I work each one separately, wet-into-wet, pushing the color as far as I can without losing the transparency, lifting out highlights as the pepper goes from wet to dry. 
In Process - "Peppers Three"
9" x 12" Watercolor - 140# Arches
I'll decide on the background color after I paint the 3rd pepper.  There isn't much foreground and it will be mostly red reflections, deep shadows and "bounced" light . I'll finish this up and post it tomorrow.
It was a great day for painting...even if it WAS indoors! 

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