Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Terrell Texas Paint Out – Day 4 & 5 - “Carriage House” wins 2nd Place honors!

FIRST METHODIST - On LocationTerrell, TXThis was the last day to paint; submission deadline 4pm!  Arriving in Terrell about 9am, I drove straight to a location “scouted” earlier in the week – the First Methodist Church. The light was perfect not only for excellent contrast on the bell tower, but the path of the sun (for a rare stroke of luck) worked in my favor as well. I completed the painting in about 2-1/2 hours.  FIRST METHODIST-Terrell, TX

First Methodist Church - 11 x 14  Watercolor

I packed up my gear about noon and after a light lunch, I moved on to my afternoon project….Miss Peggy’s on Griffith Street.  The sun was about 2 O’clock high and in perfect position! This painting went a little quicker than the church – a whole lot less angles and simple clean lines – loved the “gnarly” old tree…it added a lot of character as well as providing some great shadow contrasts.

MISS PEGGY'S-on location-terrell







Almost done, just a couple more strokes, dropped in a little “bounced light” under the eave…..done!  About 4:30, I loaded up my gear then visited Miss Peggy to thank her for her hospitality. What a lovely lady…and a very good artist, I might add!

MISS PEGGY'S GARAGE-terrell, tx 3-26-10 

“Miss Peggy’s Garages” – 9x12 Watercolor

I missed the 4pm deadline to enter “Miss Peggy’s Garages” – kinda got caught up in the moment…but as it turned out, it would have never made it into the show anyway – Miss Peggy’s Niece was visiting at the time and purchased the painting on the spot. I love it when that happens!

I submitted  “First Methodist Church”, “Episcopal Church” , “Buford Drugs” and “Carriage House” into the paint out competition. 

The  awards and reception Saturday afternoon was great fun and well attended by a very appreciative group of local art patrons. My painting “Carriage House” won 2nd Place honors!  (See my post for Day 2).  Three of my paintings sold except the “Episcopal Church”….which was ok with me….it was kinda my favorite anyway :-)

All in all, last week was a great week for plein air– I think I’ve mentioned this before….. I love my job!  

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