Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Paint Historic Waxahachie….day 6

What a week! Here’s 3 more…an oil painted yesterday and today’s paintings…1 watercolor and another oil. Both  “At Peace” and “Journey’s End”were painted in our City Cemetery – it’s a lovely location with quiet and shade and a soft breeze. The temperature is getting close to 100 in the afternoon so the best place to paint is away from concrete, blacktop & automobiles. The Watercolor “Corner of Main & Kaufman” is an old turn-of the-century Victorian at the end of my street.  I pass by it at least twice every day and finally decided I should paint it. I don’t know if I’ll be able to paint tomorrow…it’s time to begin setting up the exhibition area for this weekend’s show & sale.  Maybe I can get one done in the morning….early while it’s still a “cool 85”…


“At Peace” 9x12 Oil


“Corner of Main & Kaufman” 11x14 Watercolor – I haven’t downloaded from my digital camera yet – this was taken with my phone camera.


“Journey’s End” – 6x8 Oil – I’ll take a better photo tomorrow when I take it out of the easel & the paint’s a little dryer.

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