Saturday, April 18, 2009

October In The Valley

This has been a good week in the studio.  My favorite month is October and nowhere is it more beautiful than in the Colorado Rockies! Using several of my photographs for reference, this composition came together rather quickly; Aspens from one photo, a valley farm from another, a stream, and  mountains.  The rainstorm in the distance adds mood and atmosphere.  

October In The Valley
20" x 24" Watercolor
The past several days have been rain. rain, & more rain....perfect weather for studio work...(I have a difficult time staying inside when the sun is shining!)  Right now the Bluebonnets are blooming all over North paint gear is packed & I'm out the door first thing in the morning! The forecast is blue skies & temperature in the 70's.There's a perfect place waiting for me; a barn up on a hill covered with Bluebonnets! My weekend's going pretty good!

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