Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The business side of art...marketing & sales

I always check email at end of day because it's a time burner-upper! Email sessions can last more than a couple of hours. A nice surprise arrived in my email tonight! I've been contacted by a new gallery in Pennsylvania (an active internet presence really works!) and I'll be shipping "Cottonwood Valley" within the week!
"Cottonwood Valley" 11x14 Watercolor

Many times I've wished for a little "genie" to pop out of my bottle of beer and take care of "business"; updating my website, blog, 3 online portfolio galleries, facebook and twitter... checking and answering emails...taking inventory and ordering paint, paper and frames....balancing the checkbook.... the task list seems to get longer than shorter. Today was one of those "business" days at the computer and in the studio that paid off! Making contact with a new "brick & mortar" gallery is a result of "taking care of business". It's not nearly as much fun as painting...but making a sale?...it ranks right up there!

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