Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wash Day Relics - Watercolor 11x14

Wash Day Relics - 11x14 watercolor
This brings back a lot of childhood memories....I'd help Mama & Granny with laundry every Monday.  We'd load up the DeSoto and drive 3 miles into "town" to the laundr-o-mat and do the wash in what seemed like hours and hours.  As a reward for helping, I'd go to the drug store and buy a "funny book" for a dime and slurp up a coke float for another quarter.  I'd have 15 cents left over for the "dime store".  Ah.....those were the good ol' days!

This old wringer washer was cast aside in a junk yard in Jerome, Arizona.  I took several photos and made a couple of sketches...the rest is from my childhood memories.  This is available for purchase - check out my website for more information:

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