Friday, August 31, 2012

DUNES CHAPEL - Oil on Canvas

DUNES CHAPEL- 9x12- Oil on Canvas
One of my very favorite places to paint on location is Port Aransas, Texas. This studio oil painting was created working from my plein air watercolor sketchbook and photos.  The little chapel is located in a residental district, high on a sandy dune hill behind a private home.  It doesn't matter which direction you're driving, you'll still miss it; I've painted on location 3 times in the past 2 years and still drive right past it...usually catching it in my driver's side mirror.  The path to the chapel is "paved" with flagstone and old railroad ties with Sea Oates, natural coastal grass and wildflowers on each side.   Guarding the front door is a gorgeous palm tree.  Mother nature provides a perfect composition without any "re-arranging" necessary.
The most compelling element that draws me back - again and again - are the late afternoon shadows.  The chapel sits an an angle with the west side in full sun and the front in partial sun shaded by the palm. In the warm afternoon light, the shadows are a brilliant cobalt blue falling across the stucco.  An additional element - though not visable in this painting- is the occasional visitor - someone is usually inside...praying, reading, reflecting....and this is very inspirational to me.
I'll be returning again in late October to participate in the invitational Coastal Paint Out.  The Dunes Chapel will be my first destination.  The desire to paint it once more is beginning to build......

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