Friday, January 2, 2009


JANUARY AFTERNOON - Watercolor - 8" x 12" - 300# Arches Rough.
I teach a weekly class in beginning and basic watercolor techniques at an art school in Cedar Hill Texas. My class begins again next week, so in the process of checking my supplies, I found this little demonstration painting from the last class before the holiday break; It was still stapled to my foamboard. Demo paintings usually lack in one or more areas; composition, color, linear and/or aerial perspective, contrast, etc. While this one may not get a "juror's nod", it still has appeal.

Today is 70 degrees...January 2nd! I'm on my way out the door with my paint gear in tow. We don't get this kind of day very often in January so I'm taking advantage of it. The mess in my studio can wait until tomorrow...or the next day!

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