Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Painting - "A Wintery Day II"

"A Wintery Day II - Oil - 14"x7"

A few days ago I posted my watercolor titled "A Wintery Day".  This is a 7x14 oil on canvas using that watercolor painting as reference. I changed up the foreground, mainly because I couldn't get the color of snow I after scraping the foreground off several times, I ended up painting rocks with patches of snow.

I'm getting more comfortable with applying the paint, but I'm still having difficulty getting the tints, tones and values I want.  It'll come along - I just have to keep working at it. It's just SO different from watercolor, the thought process is a total brain drain for me.  A 3 or 4 hour session is all I can do.

In April, I'm taking a plein air oil workshop with Jill Carver of Austin, Texas. I admire her work immensely. In October, I'm taking another oil workshop with Michael Chesley Johnson, another plein air painter whose work I admire as well. Perhaps, between the two workshops, and by year's end, that "Ah-Ha" moment will finally arrive.

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