Friday, February 26, 2010

Re-working "Sunday Drive"

I posted "Sunday Drive" a couple of days ago and the more I looked at it, the less I liked the composition. The road & the church ended pretty much in the middle.  Additionally, I wasn't happy with all the pine trees on the right; too many verticals.  So I decided to crop the painting to 14" x 18".  1/2" off the top, 1-1/2" off the bottom, and 2" off the right side.  The first image is the original size, 16x20.  

Now the image is 14" x 18" and the road and church are below and to the right of center...much better!  I put the painting back on my easel and decided to add more color to the mountains in mid-distance, and washed a light violet glaze on the mountain in the far distance.  I re-wet the side of the house and lifted some of the color from the shadow side, and while it was wet added some red/orange to the foliage (for contrast within all the green) & dropped in some red/gold "bounced light" under the roof eave. 

I made a few more color "enhancements" within the shadows on the road in the foreground.  It's not often I make so many changes once a painting leaves my easel, but this one really needed "help" with the composition....and color adjustments in the shadow areas. It's 2" smaller in width and height and a much better painting.

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