Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Still in Rockport...continued....

Another great day on the pier in Fulton Harbor! It was very windy yesterday; wind gusts at 35 mph...my paint was literally drying in the brush before I could apply it to the paper! I managed to find a shady spot but the wind was relentless and if you look closely, some of the strokes are a little "shaky" :-) I didn't even attempt to paint in the rope lines until I returned to our RV. 99% of my paintings are completed -all in one go- on location with no finishing touches in the studio. That little 1% had to happen yesterday; the wind just made my easel too unsteady!
"Noon-day Shrimper, Fulton Harbor"
8" x 10" Plein Air Watercolor
I talked to several people while working on location yesterday and if they checked this blog and found nothing, I apologize! I fully intended to upload yesterday's painting last night, but the wireless internet connection where we're staying was down most of the evening. Finally gave up and went to bed. So, here's my painting...a little late.
I only have today and tomorrow to paint so this post will be short; gotta get out there while the sun is shining!

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Margie said...

Tina, I have really enjoyed seeing your paintings from Rockport! I especially like the painting of Mom's Bait Shop- Rockport Harbor.
You have been a busy lady. Happy Painting.