Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Outta Gas" - Placed into private collection (re-post)

Outta Gas, one of my recent paintings and a multiple award winner has been retired and placed in the private collection of Doug & Ginny Field.

It's a favorite of mine, with fond memories connected to it. The "inspiration" for the painting is an old gas station & some old pick-up trucks on a corner in New Zulch, Texas, about 30 miles south of the home of my high-school best friend, Ginny Field. Gin and I "go back" almost 55 years. We get together often, only living a couple hour's drive from each other. Last year, during one of our "girl-friend days", the two of us took a shopping trip down to Bryan and this station was along the way. Gin had been telling me about it and said it would make a great painting. I learned over the years, that when Gin spots something she thinks needs to be painted, I need to pay attention. Sure enough, the old gas station was a Texas landscape artist's dream; all the elements were there. We stopped and took photos....Gin pointing here & there saying, "get a shot of this...and the old trucks...and the rusted gas pumps...".

Back in the studio, the painting came to be and I began to enter it in area competitions and exhibitions. First time out, it won a first place award, and another 1st place a couple months later in a different show. Gin was right about the subject DID make a great painting, and I may paint one or two more; we'll see.

In July, Ginny was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and is struggling through the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. The treatments have been rough on her; the only time she leaves the house is to go to the clinic for another treatment. So, to bring some outside to the inside, I hung Outta Gas in her den. The "show venue" is much smaller than the painting is accustomed to, but it's being viewed daily by my greatest "fan" and best friend....can't ask for a painting to have a better audience than that!
(Note: this post was first published last October 15. Since that time, my friend has discontinued treatment and entered Hospice)

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Anonymous said...

Loved the picture of the old trucks... Mark is a "Ford" guy! Great job!
Debbie Swindle Armstrong