Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Showtime! A Watercolor Demonstration

Yesterday I traveled to Granbury, Texas...about 60 miles west of my home in Waxahachie. The Lake Granbury Art Association commissioned me to give a watercolor painting demonstration to their membership. I'm always excited to paint before an audience. The interaction during a painting demo .... answering questions and making comments as I paint....is the ultimate in "multi-tasking"!

Through the aid of an overhead mirror, about 30 artists and photographers watched me produce a landacape painting....alla prima (all in one go). The process took me a little over an hour.
In the image below, I'm about 90% through the demonstration at this point.

This photo was taken in the mirror...it looks like I'm right handed; I'm actually a "lefty". Scroll up and look in the photo before this one. Adding texture and shadows across the road....almost through.....

Finishing up with some detail and more contrast in the foreground trees.....

The painting is on 140# cold press Arches watercolor paper that has been permanently mounted to a 11" x 14" masonite panel. Here I am with the finished painting. As is my custom, I surprise the audience with an announcement to place their names in a basket for a drawing....and a lucky person will take the painting home. Giving the painting away always creates a lot of excitement. Next to en plein air, my favorite activity is giving demonstrations and sharing my love for watercolor. I had a lot of fun with the Lake Granbury group and look forward to returning sometime soon!

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