Saturday, November 21, 2009

"Awesome Autumn" wins again!!!

"Awesome Autumn" 20x24 Watercolor

Even though I haven't posted anything lately, doesn't mean that I'm not working! Since returning from Hawaii, things have been jumping around here!

The next several days after my vacation, I served on the committee for the ECAA annual membership show - taking in entries, hanging the exhibition and preparing for the opening reception and awards presentation November 14th. I'm excited to announce that my painting "Awesome Autumn" won 1st place in the Professional Division! The exhibition is available to view during regular building hours through December. It's a great show; our membership is loaded with talent.

I've been preparing for an OPS sponsored "Paint Southwest" event...ordering frames, etc.
(more on that in a later post) I teach a weekly watercolor class (more on that later too) and I'm very involved in the administration-side of Ellis County Art Association and Fine Art Museum...the association is facing financial decisions revolving around our historical building that needs considerable foundation repairs. We love our 100+year old building but it sure is difficult to maintain. All the rain this year after a long serious drought took a toll on it. The cost will be substantial which means pursuing a grant. Anyone involved with non-profits and grant-writing are aware of the amount of time the process takes. I'll be working with the committee on that; we have a professional grant-writer, but she needs help with research, estimates, etc.

As I said, even though I haven't posted anything, doesn't mean I'm not immersed into art & art-related projects! Stay tuned - I feel a need to disappear into the studio for a day or two ;-)

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