Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Different Media and Process - Christmas Murals

The past couple of days, another artist, Jill Parr, and I have been painting four 2'x 8'plywood panels that will be placed around the City of Waxahachie's Christmas Tree on the Courthouse lawn. To give the tree more importance over all the other trees on the lawn, it has been elevated and placed on a metal frame, 2' high x 8' square. The panels will be attached to 4 sides of the frame...if all goes as we imagine, the tree will appear to be "surrounded" by colorful gifts, toys, and decorations. We have about 6 more hours' work to do, mainly involving touch-ups,shading and highlights. What fun I have been having! this is waaay out of my comfort zone and Jill has taught me a lot about "painting big", working out of 1-gallon cans of latex paint!

On Friday night, November 27, citizens of Waxahachie and Ellis County will gather around the tree as the Mayor "flips the switch" to light the tree and officially open the Christmas Season in Downtown Waxahachie, Texas. I'll post photos of the panels in the "almost done" stage, then later, I'll post photos as they're being attached to the frame under the tree... then post the "final photos" when the project is complete. What a way to begin the holiday season!

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