Saturday, May 1, 2010


HILL COUNTRY MORNING 8” x 10” Oil/canvas
About a month ago, I was in Wimberley, Texas attending a plein air oil painting workshop by Jill Carver.  On the 3rd and final day, we set up on a hilltop overlooking a farm and the vineyards of a local winery.   It was a gorgeous view…it seemed we could see forever.  Jill gave us all inspiration with her morning demonstration painting – it was beautiful! Afterward, it was time for us to paint…. I took a little too much time making a sketch on my canvas and brushing in the basic under-painting. Alas! the time got away from me and it was time to pack up the gear and head for home.  I made  value & color notes in my sketchbook and took several photographs, so I could finish it after I got home. So, this weekend, with the aid of my sketchbook notes, photographs and memory I completed the painting. Enjoy!

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