Saturday, February 28, 2009

An Evening with the DeSoto Art League

I love giving demonstrations!  Last Thursday, I was the guest artist for the DeSoto Art League in DeSoto, Texas. I'm a member of this lively and friendly group of artists, so I'm honored to have been asked to give a program. They "tested my mettle" with questions and comments throughout the 1 hour and 20 minute demo.  

I began my program with comments about how I set up my palette, color choices, brushes, and paper.   I also announced that I intended to complete as many mini-landscapes as was possible in the time alloted me...and that my paintings will be donated to the group as door prizes.  This prompted a round of applause!

In this photo, I'm discussing the different types of support available to watercolor artists now; I brought this small painting from my studio... a 6x9 on cold press watercolor board.  

  In this photo, I've finished up the demo and have completed 4 small 6x8 landscapes.  On a roll and in my studio, I can paint as many as 6 in about 90 minutes, but the interaction with the group slowed me down a bit....I completed each one in about 20 minutes; not too bad! My purpose in the "quick-draw" format was to demonstrate that not all paintings have to be "masterpieces"...watercolor is a perfect medium for quick, spontaneous color and value studies.    It was fun watching as the names of the door prize winners were announced....all 4 winners had great big smiles on their faces.  As I said....I love giving demonstrations! 

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Pam Hardin said...

I would like to talk to you about the demonstrations you do. Maybe Sat at the golf lesson. I like your blog. Pam H.